About This Site

	                                Initially released on Aug. 8th, 2009
	1. This is a personal website, which aims to describe some information in:
		a) automobile driving, engineering, consuming
		b) website programing, google-adsensing
		c) iPod/iPhone
		d) broad band/ADSL/TV/IPTV
		e) other encyclopedia contents
	2. This site was initially owned by me in 2004,
	   as the Japanese Alumni website for SJTU.
	   However, I lost the dominent priviledge in the next 2 years after I went
	   to Japan. But I gain the owning priviledge in 2007 again. Now I will try
	   to keep this domain in my best...
	3. For other un-described information above, 
	   please contact us: admin(at)spyrise.org. Thanks!

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